Amaryllis – Bringing in the warmth of the tropics in the heart of winter

The winter months can feel long, especially after the rush of the holiday season.  Some of us head to warmer climates for a little vitamin D, but if you want to embrace the tropics without the heavy expense, I have a mid-winter remedy that will help you escape those winter blues… Hippeastrum 'Papilio" or Amaryllis [...]

Pinecones – Nature’s Ornament and Perfect Seed Delivery System

The "Naked" Truth Pinecones or cones are the fruit of Conifers or Coniferae, derived from the Latin word conus, which means to bear cones.  They are members of the Gymnosperms, which were the first plants to produce naked seeds.  These plants date back about 360 million years, and while most have become extinct, many of [...]

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