My Direct Sow Garden – literally digging into something new | Pt. 1

Part One – My story of starting my flower garden from seed grew just as big as my vigorous purple hyacinth bean did last year.  I have decided to break it up into two parts so that I can share my personal story, insights of my experience, as well as share some garden tips & [...]

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Pinecones – Nature’s Ornament and Perfect Seed Delivery System

The "Naked" Truth Pinecones or cones are the fruit of Conifers or Coniferae, derived from the Latin word conus, which means to bear cones.  They are members of the Gymnosperms, which were the first plants to produce naked seeds.  These plants date back about 360 million years, and while most have become extinct, many of [...]

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Making a difference one seed at a time.

As Master Gardeners, we are committed to volunteering our time in our local communities to educate and answer gardening questions.  We use science based facts and we only share organic garden practices.  Our backgrounds and experience vary, but we all have something in common, the love for plants and gardening.  The title indicates that we [...]

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Hellebores – Winter’s “Rose”

Photo: Gardener's Path   The arctic outflow that most of Canada has experienced this winter has now made its way to the PNW.  It’s during times like this, that we all get excited for a sign of spring to appear.  Vancouver and parts of Vancouver Island are usually enjoying the sights of daffodils, snowdrops, [...]

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A Lavender Farm in Pemberton Meadows

As the lavender babies are getting ready for a winter sleep, I wanted to share some of the highlights of our journey to becoming an official lavender farm in the Pemberton Meadows. With a cool and slow spring melt, most of our work on the property did not get started until mid May. Our soil analysis results [...]

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Galanthus – Snowdrops: The Heralds of Spring

If you are craving the sights of blooms before the snow melts, Galanthus (snowdrops) is a good solution to your fall planting repertoire.  With our days starting to get longer, we here in the PNW are getting excited with anticipation of a new season around the corner.  While the Island and Lower Mainland are experiencing [...]

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