French Lavender wands date back to the 18th century where they were made by weaving delicate ribbons & stems of lavender. In France, lavender wands or batons were given to a bride as good luck. We use Lavendula x intermedia ‘Grosso’ flower stems, which has the highest concentration of essential oil of all the French lavenders. The wands are ideal for drawers & closets as a moth repellant, keeping clothes & linen smelling fresh.

The fragrance can be released by gently squeezing the woven bottle, releasing the aromatic essential oils.  Enhaling this aroma aids in clearing the mind, while calming and soothing the senses.  Available in 5 colours. 

Approx 6″ long.

The French lavender is sourced from BC lavender farms, and will be supplemented with our own lavender when they are fully grown and ready for harvesting.